Community-driven ISP: Net Neutral, Revenue Neutral, Fast, Accessible, Affordable
Community-driven ISP: Net Neutral, Revenue Neutral, Fast, Accessible, Affordable

Meeting Minutes

3/7/2018 – Inaugural meeting. See “About” for framework accomplished.

6/4/2018: Nikhil, Ernest, Dennis, and Greg presented to city hall to present a Call To Action. School board President James Posch invited the group to speak at next day’s scheduled school board meeting at CHHS.

Watch Call to Action:

6/5/2018: Nikhil, Ernest, and Dennis went to the school board meeting at CHHS at the request of Board President James Posch. Gave general intro to the project. Asked audience to raise hands if they were familiar with the concepts of Municipal Broadband, or Net Neutrality – almost no one raised their hands, we have a lot of outreach and education to accomplish. Jodi Sourini was particularly interested if this included University Heights. Nikhil responded that the feasibility study would look into the feasibility of regional expansion.

Everyone on the board seemed to agree – UH is a must, and, CH City Council and UH City Council has already schedule a joint session to talk specifically about this Municipal Broadband project.

6/8/2018: Nikhil met with Nancy Levin, Directory, CH/UH Library. Spoke about current Internet servicing, and gave a general presentation about the initiate. Spoke about developing Library seminars surrounding Information Privacy and Net Neutrality. Discussed setting up an open forum including representatives from CH, Fairlawn, and Hudson.


10/3/2018: Nikhil, T, Adam visited University Heights City Council, seeking partnership with Cleveland Heights to conduct feasibility study. Watch video below, or read statement here.


RFP published for bidding on city website.


Met with City Manager and member of their municipal broadband team to discuss vendor selection. Agreed upon top 3 vendors who applied to the RFP.


Informed by City Manager that Broadband Study would not be funded at this time due to COVID-19 budget challenges.


Sent email to City Council asking for study to be funded.